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Professional Organizer Mentoring

"Whether you are in the first year or third year of your organizing business, you will gain valuable insights and information from Kathy Luskus’ Mentoring Workshops! Kathy provids quality content and facilitates productive discussions that helped to improve and polish my own intake process. The intimate group size allowed for individual questions to be answered in a thorough and thoughtful manner. I truly appreciate Kathy’s professional expertise, encouragement and support that she provides to our NAPO community."
G. W-S., Professional Organizer - Bucks County, PA

"I recently attended one of Kathy's mentoring sessions and really benefited from the live-in-person small-group discussion as well as Kathy’s practical approach to setting up an organizing business. Her sessions are additive to what I learned thru the on-line NAPO National classes and provided me with the practical “how to” aspects of setting up an organizing business. I consider the mentoring session an investment rather than a cost! Thank
you Kathy!"  
B. S., Professional Organizer, Unionville, PA

"If you are a "newer" organizer & you're considering taking
Kathy Luskus
' mentoring workshop, DO IT! You'll take away a wealth of knowledge & tools. "
 D. L., Professional Organizer - Philadelphia, PA

"The mentoring session content was substantive, well designed and delivered at a good pace. I appreciated the time for comments and questions as we worked through the material. Your personal warmth and support is a great gift in addition to your professional expertise. One advantage you offer over the online classes is how you focus extra time on
areas that the participants needed."
R.G., Professional Organizer - Reading, PA

"Kathy is a great teacher.  You'll leave her workshop/s with a better understanding of how to jump start your business as a professional organizer.  I wish this had been available when I first started my business."
C. S., Professional Organizer - Middletown, DE

"I consider the time I spent with you to be the springboar
d of my organizing career. Thank you for being so supportive and informative."
S. L., Professional Organizer - Brookhaven, PA

"I'm a better organizer now because of your sage advice."
D. J., Professional Organizer - Springfield, PA

"A mentor’s duty is to guide and counsel; you do that and so much more. You give practical, straightforward advice that would be valuable to any new Organizer. You answered all of my questions with sincere thoughtfulness and put to rest many of my doubts and fears about beginning this new chapter in my life."
H. P., - North Wales, PA


Home Organizing

"Working with you is inspiring and energizing.  I can't thank you enough for the "found time" and peace of mind that your skills have brought to my home.  Perhaps most importantly, you taught me the basic organizational skills necessary to stay organized and to organize other areas of my home.  The kindness, energy and discretion that are central to your holistic approach to organizing always had me looking forward to our next session."    - K. R. - Devon, PA

"I must thank you again for not only bringing more order into my life, but also your encouraging spirit.  It is a true pleasure working with you.  People like me need people like you to keep us on track." - A. J. - Newtown Square, PA

"The time we spent together has motivated me to continue the principles you shared  into other areas of our home and lifestyle.  The more organized things are the less stress there is for me.  I also know I can always call you for another session or even a quick question if I am stuck on how to tackle a task.  You are a great resource.  Bonus- our organizing sessions were FUN!" - C. P.- Spring City, PA 
"Thank you for helping me make this immense project seem interesting and fun even with the hard work.  We have achieved so much in the past two months.  Under your guidance I feel my life and the life of my family will be greatly improved.  Your encouragement and enthusiasm give me much energy and optimism." - A. S.- Malvern, PA 

"I must thank you again for not only bringing more order into my life, but also your encouraging spirit.  It is a true pleasure working with you.  People like me need people like you to keep us on track." - A. J. - Newtown Square, PA

"I love spending time in my kitchen now!  It feels so clear and it's working great.   The girls like having their crafts back in the kitchen and out of the dining room.  And they love that they can get their own snacks!  I know where everything is!"  J.M. - West Chester, PA

"Having my kitchen organized was a great physical improvement but more importantly, eliminating the chaos has created mental freedom.  My little girl and I have done more "project" fun the past few days because the materials are organized and easy to access - it's amazing how having it in order encourages use." - T.D. - Malvern, PA
"I looked at my cabinets and saw a mess.  You looked at the cabinets and saw space and possibilities.  I learned so much from you and now I have an easier time eliminating excess and keeping order" - S. B. - Valley Forge, PA
"You're a wiz!  I love how you transformed my pantry/laundry room.  I particularly enjoyed doing it together.  Not only was it fun but there is great satisfaction and ownership in the process." - P. B. - Valley Forge, PA

"I should tell you that I was so grateful to you as I got out the very well organized Christmas decorations this year... and the gift wrapping container... you outdid yourself!" S.S. - Newtown Square, PA

Kathy's course on "The Art of Organizing" at Widener University was fabulous.  She presented in a lively and interactive way and offered ideas for organizing all areas of my home.  Her sense of humor and personality made the time go quickly that I was always disappointed when the sessions were over.

I attended Kathy's Widener U. course on "There's No Place Like Home" where she lead us in exercises to make help us make our homes our personal paradise.  She helped me understand how to learn to live with only the best things I have and appreciate the home I live in now rather than wishing I had my "next" home.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kathy's 5-week course at Widener.  I came away with so many ideas to improve my home and be happier with it than ever before.  This course was excellent and I wish it could have been a 10-week course!

I loved the format and handouts for this course.  This speaker is an inspiration!  I couldn't wait to get home and use the techniques and ideas she shared.

I found Kathy's course very helpful and motivating.  She is truly an expert in her field.  And so much fun to be with!

"As you were speaking, I was so inspired that I wanted to rush right home and get myself and my home together and organized. You gave our group some really practical tips to get started right away. D.O. - Wayne,

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