Orderly Manor Organizing
Celebrating 11 years of creating more orderly homes!!


 "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful".                 -  William Morris

"Aspire to live surrounded only by those things that you passionately love."              -  Sarah Ban Breathnach

The first contact is usually a complimentary phone conversation in which the organization issues are discussed and the client and organizer have an opportunity to see if the relationship will be a good fit.  It's important to know that you are comfortable with each other.  

The next step is the initial consultation and needs assessment done at the client's home.  It's important that the client not "clean up" before the session.  Each client's organizing issues are unique and a professional organizer is there to help the client  -  not to judge.  An organizer needs to see how the client operates to know what is working and what is not working. 
If other resources are needed for your project, I have a list of contractors, decorators, handymen, etc., to whom I can refer you.
Following the assessment, a session is scheduled for the project to begin.  I'll suggest what type of materials might be needed to get started and I'll recommend that we try to use items you already have before deciding to make any purchases.
The pace of the organizing process is mainly in the hands of the client.  The time needed depends on the speed with which the client can make decisions or the time it takes the client to work through the process.  I respect the possessions of clients and the pace they set.  I'll ask questions to help a client decide what should be kept, donated, stored elsewhere or disposed.  You make all the decisions.  Depending on your project, hands-on organizing sessions can last a few hours, a few days or on-going as needed.
I'll guide you through the organizing process helping you to take control of your space with hands-on help or act as an accountability partner while you work alone.  I know what questions to ask so that you make decisions with which you are comfortable. 
I'll provide structure, energy, expertise, guidance, encouragement, support, a sense of fun and what organizers call sensitive emotional detachment.  I am sensitive to your feelings.  But, not being emotionally attached to your possessions, I can be more objective as you work to reclaim your space.
Just before the organizing session is finished, I'll take the time to help you arrange the space, so that you are able to make the best use of it while the organizing process continues to completion.
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